World Fantasy 2017 is now accepting shipments for donated books for the attendee book bags, and related items, such as bookmarks, postcards, flyers, buttons, stickers, and CDs for distribution on the freebie tables for giveaway at WFC.

If you are a publisher wanting to donate books in quantity, please contact Jennifer Juday at

We can only promise distribution for shipments received on or before Wednesday, October 25th. If your shipment arrives after that date, we will attempt to distribute it, but cannot guarantee that it will be distributed.

Label shipments as follows:

WFC 2017
c/o Extra Space Storage
Unit 4253
8239 Broadway St.
San Antonio, TX 78209

WFC 2017 takes no responsibility for packages that go astray on their way to us.

This address is not for dealers wishing to ship their merchandise to the convention. All shipments to this address will be for distribution to our membership.

A letter acknowledging your donation will go out to you after the close of the convention.