We will post links to progress reports when they are released to everyone.

Convention Flyer – This is the most recent version of the flyer.
Progress Report #1 – October 2016
Progress Report #2 – May 2017 (contains ballot)
Progress Report #3 – October 2017

The World Fantasy Souvenir Book is produced for the convention and will be distributed to all attending and supporting members. The Souvenir book serves both as a guide for those attending the convention and a memento of the convention, thus ensuring that it will be viewed even after the convention dates.  The publication will be distributed to around 1,000 professionals, semi-professionals, and fans of fantasy  and will contain the official introductions to the Guests of Honor, articles about fantasy literature, information about the history of the World Fantasy Convention and the World Fantasy Awards.

For advertising rates, please see our rates sheet below. If you would like a size not addressed, please contact us at for more information. The deadline for reserving advertisements in the Souvenir Book is September 15, with copy due by October 1.

Full page 8 x 10   –   Color  $850,  B&W $475
Half Horizontal 8 x 5   –  Color $500, B&W $275
Half vertical 3.875 x 10.5   –  Color $500, B&W $275
Quarter vertical 3.875 x 5 –  Color $300, B&W $150
Inside Front Cover 8 x 10 –  Color only  $1200
Inside Back Cover 8 x 10-  Color only $1200

The ad may bleed for no additional cost.  However, if a bleed is desired, it should be 1/8 an inch on all sides.  The above specs do not account for bleed sizes.

The finished page size is 8 1/2 x 11 and the perferred format is PDF with fonts outlined or embedded.  The final ad should be in CMYK.

Thank you for your interest in advertising in the World Fantasy 2017 souvenir book.

If you have questions regarding the program book prior to this, please .