Program Topics — Preliminary List

Greetings from the WFC 2017 Program Team.  It’s July and our work is in full swing. To give you a sense of the program we plan to offer you this November in San Antonio, here is a partial list of topics the program team is developing. This is very much a draft list, but it’s representative of our direction. We’ll be adding to this list in coming weeks.

Alternate Africas: The Growing List of Fantastic Alternate and Secret Narratives Set in Africa
Beards and Intrigue: Queering the Historical Fantastic
Calamity Jane Defeats Conan: The Persistence of American Folklore in Fantasy Literature
Exceptional Characters in Horrible Times
The Fiction of Mildred Clingerman
Gender Fluidity in Fantasy
History — Secret, Hidden, or Otherwise
Keeping Texas Weird
Kitsune and Dragon: Thoughtful Approaches to Alternate Eastern Asias
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: Still our Modern Prometheus
Metaphors and Metadata: Libraries in Fantasy Literature
Molly Weasley Was a Bad Ass: Aged Protagonists in Fantasy
New Twists On Traditional Myths & Archetypes : What are the Pitfalls?
The Old West: Not Entirely Wild but Always a Fantasy
Once More Around the Bloch
The Other in Fantasy when Everyone is an Other
Place Matters: Geography’s Influence on Fantasy
Pulp Era Influences: the Expiration Date
Putting Historical Persons into your Fantasy
Religions of the African Diaspora: Beyond Zombies, Ancestors, and Giant Apes
Research, Research, Recherchez: History is Easy to Get Lost In
The Role of the City in Fantasy Settings
Small Presses that Open their Doors to the Unusual: Past and Present
Urban Legends in the Age of Fake News
What’s the Difference Between Dark Fantasy and Horror

WFC members who indicated an interest in programming when they joined have been asked to fill out a program interest questionnaire. If you might be interested in speaking on a panel or doing a reading, check your email  (including your spam folder) for an email message from us.

More information about our scope, this year’s theme, our timeline and goals is available on the Programming main page, where some FAQs are also posted. If you have further programming-related comments or questions, please contact the Program Team, .