Secret Histories – The Use of History in Fantasy is the program theme for our 2017 World Fantasy Convention.

Secret histories are tales which uncover an alternative history of our world (or another similar world) with the aid of fantasy literary devices. Some facets of the theme could be personal vs consensus reality in fantasy; historical fantasy; the uses and abuses of history within fantasy fiction.

THE WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION (WFC) is an annual literary-based event for the fantasy industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of stories and books in the broad realm of fantasy. Attending membership for WFC 2017 will be capped at 950. After three years on the East Coast, WFC returns to Texas! We anticipate we will reach our cap.

The program team for 2017 is planning a program offering topics related to many flavors of the literature of fantasy — urban, epic and dark fantasy, and more.  While creating a good program and showcasing professionals in the fantasy genre is important, we acknowledge that making time for networking and other professional activities is equally important.  So there will be only 50-60 program items at the convention, plus roughly two tracks of readings. This is fairly traditional for WFC. It’s likely that not everyone who is interested in being a program speaker or reader can be accommodated on the program, and most program participants will only be assigned one item. 

If you are interested in being a program participant — either moderating or speaking on a panel discussion, or reading from your own work — please tick the appropriate box when you buy your membership. We expect to contact you soon* to invite you to fill out an interest questionnaire.

Update: You will find a preliminary list of our program topics here.

Thanks, Y’all! We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.


Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Q: I indicated my interest in programming when I bought my membership. When can I expect to hear from the Program Team?
*A:  If you joined before June 20, you should have received an email message from us on June 22 or 23. The message contains further information about our process as well as a link to an interest questionnaire. Through early September we will be sending a similar email and the link to new members who tick the box “interested in programming” when they join.

Q: May I indicate my interest in being on program prior to buying my membership?
A: Yes, we’d love to know you intend to come to WFC2017. Feel free to send us a note. However, only members will be invited to be program participants. We suggest you buy your membership before September if you would like to be considered. We’ll be making final decisions about program assignments around that time.

Q: Can I buy my membership at the door?
A: If you wish to be considered for programming, please buy your membership by September 1. Also please note, if we reach our membership cap, we will not sell memberships at the door.

Q: I’ve just had my first story published, and it has a dark fantasy theme. Should I attend WFC, and can I expect to be offered a reading or program spot?
A: WFC offers an excellent networking opportunity that many new writers find valuable. Dark fantasy is absolutely one of our program interests. But due to the limited quantity of programs and readings, it is likely that not all members who offer to be on programming will have a reading or speaker slot on the final program.

Q: I have a great idea for programming. How can I get it on the program?
A: It may not be too late. We’ve taken down the link to our online suggestion form, but send an email to .

Q: If my idea is chosen, does that mean I’ll be on programming?
A: Sorry, no. We very much appreciate the folks who contributed ideas! We’ve reviewed the ideas, chosen those that pertain most directly to the literature of fantasy, and used them as a starting point. Some will appear on the program unchanged, some are combined with similar programs to make a new item, and most undergo editing of some kind.

Q: How many panel/readings items can I be on?
A: It’s possible you will be assigned to only one program item or reading session. As indicated above we will have a modest amount of programming, and wish to accommodate as many professionals on the program as possible.

Q: I just published a new book. Can I arrange for an autograph session?
A: Only one autograph session is scheduled at a World Fantasy Convention. It is a group event scheduled on Friday evening. We will be set up to seat all members who wish to make themselves available to autograph.

Q: What hours will programming run?
A: This is subject to change. Our tentative plan is to begin in the early afternoon on the Thursday, and schedule programs and readings to end by 6 p.m. on the Sunday. We are allowed to schedule some evening programs, and plan to do so.

If you have further programming-related questions, please contact the Program Team, .