Secret Histories – The Use of History in Fantasy is the program theme for our 2017 World Fantasy Convention.

Secret histories are tales which uncover an alternative history of our world (or another similar world) with the aid of fantasy literary devices. Some facets of the theme could be personal vs consensus reality in fantasy; historical fantasy; the uses and abuses of history within fantasy fiction.

This fall, as our Guests are announced and hotel function space is being reviewed and allocated, the program team has also had its first meeting. We have a rough timeline in place. Now we invite our members to suggest program ideas.

We’ve put together a brief idea form, online here.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a program item, we’d love to hear about it. Please keep our theme in mind.

We anticipate having this form available through the end of March. Feel free to come back and share other program ideas.

Thank you!
Mark Finn
Willie Siros

If you have any questions, please contact theĀ .