Secret Histories – The Use of History in Fantasy is the program theme for our 2017 World Fantasy Convention.

Secret histories are tales which uncover an alternative history of our world (or another similar world) with the aid of fantasy literary devices. Some facets of the theme could be personal vs consensus reality in fantasy; historical fantasy; the uses and abuses of history within fantasy fiction.

UPDATE 10/8/17.  The final program schedule is now available.

We have officially closed our call for new program participants. Thanks to everyone who filled out an interest questionnaire or contributed a program idea. See you in San Antonio!

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THE WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION (WFC) is an annual literary-based event for the fantasy industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of stories and books in the broad realm of fantasy. Attending membership for WFC 2017 will be capped at 950. After three years on the East Coast, WFC returns to Texas!

The program team for 2017 has organized a program offering topics related to many flavors of the literature of fantasy — urban, epic and dark fantasy, and more.  While creating a good program and showcasing professionals in the fantasy genre is important, we acknowledge that making time for networking and other professional activities is equally important. We hope you enjoy the two tracks of panel discussions and two tracks of readings at WFC 2017.

Thanks, Y’all! We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

If you have further programming-related questions, please contact the Program Team, .