Pursuant to the requirements of World Fantasy, the Dealer’s Room is devoted almost entirely to books and art, with any exceptions requiring prior approval by the World Fantasy Board. The Dealers’ Room is juried, so completing the application does not guarantee a spot.

The Dealers’ Room allots spaces based on 6 foot table frontages. A dealer is not required to use the tables provided, but may not encroach on other dealer’s spaces if using a different configuration. Dealers are generally limited to 2 tables per dealer. The fee is $150 per table. This fee includes the table(s), chairs, and coverings for the tables. The fee does not include WiFi access. The dealers’ room will be secured during hours that the room is not open to the public, but dealers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own merchandise.

Upon submission of an application, it will be considered by the jury. If the jury approves the application, the applicant will be notified and will be provided more information regarding the convention including payment information.

PLEASE NOTE: A dealer must also have a membership to the convention to be able to be in the Dealers’ Room. Upon acceptance of the dealer’s application, they will be permitted to purchase a membership at a reduced rate.

Please fill out the application to apply for a space in the World Fantasy 2017 Dealers’ Room.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dealers’ Room Director, .