World Fantasy 2017

November 2 - 5, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas

The following is a list of people who have purchased a membership to the convention. If your name is missing or you need to edit your contact information, please contact us at

Please note some people requested not to be listed on this page.

(S) = Supporting Membership

Kimm Antell

Renee Babcock
Joe Berlant
Marilyn Brahen
Ginjer Buchanan
Carol Burrell

Colleen R. Cahill
J. Kathleen Cheney
Matthew Cheney
Joi Chevalier
Paul Collin
Tina Connolly
H. Martin Cox

Penny Dartnall
John Douglas
David Drake

John Eccker
M. Huw Evans

Jennie Faries

Cathy Green
Beth Gwinn

Paul Haggerty
Peggy Hailey
Peter Halasz
Donna Lynne Hanlon & Guest
Tom Hanlon & Guest
Alea Henle
David I. Hill
Laurel Anne Hill
Chip Hitchcock

Elaine Isaak

Judith Kindell
Melita Kennedy

William Ledbetter
Mary Soon Lee
Stephanie Lorée

Tod McCoy
Karen Meschke
Jonathon Miles
James A. Moore
John Moore

Charlie Newton
Karen Wester Newton

Rondinella Olsen

Gary L Plumlee

Jessica Reisman
Bob Roehm
Lisa Roszko
Ann Rudolph
KB Rylander

Darrell Schweitzer
Mary Sledden
Davey Snyder
Gayle Surrette

Gordon Van Gelder
Mark L. Van Name
Kveta Vojkovska

Robert Wiener

Caroline M. Yoachim

Karen Zimmerman
Beth Zipser
Mike Zipser


Tower of the Americas
A view from the second floor of the Historic Menger Hotel.
Photo by Kimm Antell.